The Happenings

This page is here to keep you updated on the current programs, shows, podcasts, interviews, and any events we are planning to attend. Along with any other information we may find cool to share. 

(All times are Central time zone)

Weekly Programs


The Sunday Slowdown - Sunday from 7am to 10am, slowing it down a bit with some great acoustic songs.


Rock With A Purpose - Monday from 3pm to 10pm, great hard rock with a positive message.


Monday Madness - Monday from 10pm to 12am, some of the hardest positive metal out there.


Throwback Thursday​ - Thursday from 5pm to 7pm, playing some of our favorites from the 80s.





Gator's Swamp - Live radio show with co-hosts, interviews, and listener giveaways. Follow us on Facebook to find out more. Like a real gator, you never really know when or where he's gonna pop up.


2 Smart Dudes, Kinda - (Coming in July)