Who We Are

Warrior X Radio is created by a few good dudes who have been around the block a couple times in life and know a thing or two about spirituality, standing up for what you believe in, and they're desire to lift others up when they're feeling down. We hope you enjoy listening, and if you do, please help us spread the word by telling a few people so they too can "Rock with a Purpose".


What We Do

We help people "Rock with a Purpose". What is that purpose? Well, I'm glad you asked. We want to help promote these bands and the music that inspires hope in the times of struggle, joy in their times of sadness, and gratitude in your happiest moments. Even though we goof around a lot, Warrior X Radio is dedicated to spreading the Gospel through the music of the phenomenal bands we play and all the content we air.  Although some of it can sound pretty hardcore, the lyrics and message of the music are safe for the little ears in the backseat.


Warrior X Radio - Be Brilliant


Be part of the movement that changes the way people think.